Here’s some tips and tricks you can use each day / week to make your Transformation even easier!


Many a Transformer uses Sunday as their Mother-of-all-Prep Day. Here’s what that could look like:

1. Print your Menu Plan, then review your Grocery List before venturing out to the stores—there might be produce, spices, or oils you can buy at alternative stores in your “hood.”  For example, I buy all my veg down the street from a local greengrocer for half the price of the large grocery store. Bulk Barn is my friend for all things spices.

PRO Tip: Costco is a great go-to for things like protein powder, organic eggs, oil, frozen berries, etc… 

2. Some recipes or portions can be constructed—even cooked—the Sunday before your new week. 

PRO Tip: Hang a hard copy of the Menu Plan on your fridge or cupboard for easy referral. 

3. Remember, many meals repeat as lunch items or even snacks. The yummy Zucchini  Fennel Soup from Week 1 is also a snack and lunch item during that same week.


Doing a quick check of equipment, optimizing your environment, and some great meal prep hacks can make your Transformation even easier.

  • Do a quick kitchen check. What is your kitchen missing that might hinder your first week of success?

    • No large bowls, lack of counter space to dice, chop, prep your meals? Blender not up to the task?
    • Look around. How can you make your kitchen an optimal working/cooking space?
    • Always handy—extra cutting boards, knives, bowls with lids, a variety of containers for lunches/snacks/leftovers.
  • Keep your initial spice purchases small, especially if you haven’t used them before. This is where Bulk Barn (or your local equivalent) comes in handy. You can buy 1/8 -to 1/4 cup of spice for pennies! Then grab some small containers at the local dollar store, and label with a Sharpie. Replenish as needed!

  • Keep everything you need for your morning smoothies (protein powder, vanilla, etc….) near your blender for convenience. 

  • Bananas: Peel, break apart, and freeze an entire bunch of bananas in a freezer bag. Over the week, use these bananas for Smoothies. 

  • Leftovers: Freeze leftover soup/chili in a small Ziplock freezer bag! Fill, push the air out, lay flat to freeze, then store upright in a Tupperware container in the freezer for easy/space-saving access.

  • Buy pre-cut veggies and fruit. Many grocery stores offer pre-packaged, chopped, even diced & spiralized vegetables and fruit. If you find time is short, and do not mind the extra expense, consider buying pre-cut. Some grocery stores even offer frozen avocado and “riced” cauliflower.

  • Add microgreens/sprouts & fresh herbs to your salads/wraps for extra punches of flavour.