You guys are going to love Assata and her Cardio Core series!

She is crazy adorable and will lead you through great warm-ups, some HIIT cardio and strength intervals that will get you sweating hard and then a beautiful cool down – all in 30 mins with pumping music.

(Hardcores, feel free to run through the intense middle twice for a longer workout)

This is a split training program – meaning that we are focusing on different muscle groups each day, so you can train every day while still allowing appropriate recovery for each muscle group.  Although we will hit every muscle group – the focus of the series is on cardio and core training. We even have a bonus Core recovery video for you so you can get some extra burn around the middle and reinforce your daily exercise habit loop – even when you don’t feel like huffing and puffing too much.

What’s the schedule like?

Well – that depends on whether you are a Tiger or a Turtle. If you are a Turtle, you’ll be doing 3 days a week at home. If you are a Tiger, you can either do 5 at-home workouts plus one recovery core track or, if you want to keep up with your run training (or hiking/biking/swimming), I’ve got a schedule for you as well. If you don’t remember what I’m talking about with Tigers and Turtles, check it out:

For your August Workout schedule, CLICK HERE! 
(if you’re just going rogue any other time of the year, grab your schedule below)

Lower Body 

Back, Biceps, Shoulders

Core Recovery

Standing Core

Full Body

Chest Triceps