We recommend you stick to flat water for most of the 28 days, (especially the first 2 days)

You can supplement your water intake with some fizzy water or tea (hot or iced) Perrier, LaCroix, Bubly, San Pellegrino, etc… all fine.

just make sure there are no hidden sugars!
(some of those creative teas are sneaky!) (or caffeine in the case of the tea)

ALSO NOTE: these will cause bloating and gas! which you may already be noticing due to the uptick in fibre from all those raw veg we’ll be adding!

So, use as more of a treat (one or two a day max) But honestly, the carbonation will dry your mouth and make you thirstier.

It’s also a big NO on the added commercial “flavouring” pouches and drops.

They are loaded with stuff we’re trying to eliminate from your systems, and most have some sort of artificial sweetener.