Nah, brah.

You are probably fine with the amount of protein on the plan. We created it expecting that you are working out. However, make sure that you are adjusting the protein requirements to the size of YOUR palm.

And you might want to adjust the timing of your meals so that you can get a meal with carbohydrates and protein in right after your workout in order to help muscles repair and restore your glycogen levels. Otherwise you might feel a little low energy later on and not recover as well. What I do is wake up and have my mojo and coffee, workout and then I have my smoothie. Some people hate fasted exercise so in that case you might want to drink half your smoothie before and half after – or split your lunch or whatever meal that fits with your workout schedule. Even if you don’t like fasted exercise I wouldn’t recommend eating a full meal prior to your workout.

Now – if you are doing SERIOUS work – like INTENSE work for more than one hour a day because you are a serious athlete training for performance and weight loss is a secondary goal, then you might want to add another small meal to your schedule and eat it about an hour before your workout. This meal would be mostly carbohydrate like a piece of toast with banana mushed on it (don’t bother with the protein because it is heavy to digest and will slow down your athletic performance. Save the protein for after the workout to help with recovery.).