A little advice from our Nutrition Ninja Meesh!…

OK, so Plan ahead!! I travelled a lot during my challenge as well.

I made sure my room had a fridge and sourced out a grocery store nearby. (I also asked the hotel what was available for breakfast, which turned out to be quite good!)

I hit the store upon arrival and grabbed a couple of containers of plain greek yogurt, some berries, nuts/seeds, and grabbed a couple of packets of honey from Starbucks ;-). My hotel had hard boiled eggs! (if yours doesn’t, hit the grocery store and buy the peeled and packed 2 packs if those are available) and fruit, so I was able to grab for snack/breakfast time. I travel with nuts and packets of organic raw nut butter as well, and pre-measured overnight oats in a container that I just have to add almond milk to. I always have a tetra pack of tuna or salmon in my bag, so I can add protein to any salad.

Navigating restaurants is super easy. Grilled meats, steamed veggies. If you order a couple of sides, you get a portion controlled “meal”.

Follow the “plate” rules for dinner! Palm of protein, fist of carb, thumb of fat, fill the rest of the plate with veg! Beware sauces and dressings!

I looked at what the planned Challenge meal was for that day, and tried to order something similar.

Plan for some treats/micro cheats (cause shit happens!) and don’t stress! You’ve got this!

I also google restaurants prior to travelling and check out their menus online. That way I already have a list of options at the ready, and have mentally chosen items and know what substitutions I’m going to request. (you can even contact restaurants in advance, let them know when you’re planning on coming, and request substitute options! I’ve done that thru Open Table and arrived to restaurants to find the chef has gone over the menu and notated what I could/couldn’t eat, and what to ask for!)

Also, if you’re travelling for work and you’re in a convention hall situation where you are being fed, don’t assume you have no control over what’s available. Get a contact name for the Catering supervisor from the convenor of your conference, or have them act on your behalf, and ask them what is on the menu for the time you’re there, explain that you have some dietary restrictions, and would like to know in advance so you can supplement if need be.

Any hotel/catering company worth their salt should be able to accommodate special requests. NEVER feel bad about asking. The worst they can say is no, and in that case, you just inform them that you will be bringing your own food. (sometimes that’s all that’s needed to get them to act)