I know. It feels absolutely awful. And I totally don’t blame you if you are having thoughts like:

“This is just called starving myself. How is this a lifestyle again?”
“Nothing that feels this bad can be good for me.”

I get it because I had all those thoughts when I first did this as well. So here’s the point of the cleanse and why it’s totally worth it:

  • We are interrupting your habits. Have you noticed how many times you have gone to have a little B.L.T.? (bite, lick, taste 🙂 You probably weren’t even aware of how often you were doing it before.
  • We are re-setting your appetite. You’ll notice after these couple of days that you probably don’t need as much food as you were habitually serving yourself.
  • We are cleansing your palate. After we remove all the sugar, salt and fat that you might have been pummelling your tastebuds with, you’ll find that you don’t need that sensory overload so much  – regular whole foods will taste better to you (and fruit will taste like candy!)
  • We are giving all your body’s natural ‘cleansing’ organs (like your liver) a bit of a break so it can process any residual toxins in the body. So if you feel like you’ve got a roaring hangover – this is why.
  • We are coming cold turkey off any addictions you might have built up to sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed carbs. Yes it feels like crap. Yes it’s totally worth it.

Hang in there, Transformer! It’s only a couple of days. The soup at the end of Day Two is gorgeous (trust me – even if you don’t like fennel) and Wednesday will feel like a buffet of delight. x