The first two days of the 28 Day Transformation are difficult. But remember you can have unlimited raw veggies! We know, these two days can suck. But it’s an important part of the journey. After that, it’s foodapalooza!Some suggestions for you is to nurse your smoothie in the morning for as long as you can. Make sure in addition to your lunch wraps and dinner salad, that you make up a bunch of “grab and go” raw veg snack packs. So if you feel yourself getting hangry, you can grab some veggies.

Just try not to graze all day. We are trying to reset your system and reset your hunger signals.
It’s OK to feel hungry. (not hangry, but hungry). Most of us perpetually graze so feel panic at the first sign of hunger. We’re going to eliminate that panic.

Save your apple for the afternoon, when you’re really cranky and cravey. (cut it in half, core it, then slice it thinly, and really enjoy snacking on each piece) (toss in lemon juice if you’re prepping that in advance) (you can even split it up into two servings, and have some in the am, and some in the afternoon)


Drink lots of water and have some yummy, fragrant (sugar-free/caffeine free) herbal teas to sip on (hot or cold) to make the day a little more pleasant.

Absolutely! It’s totally normal to feel cold during the cleanse.

We eliminate all of the “crap” that causes inflammation. (sugar, caffeine, gluten, processed/chemical-laden foods, over-processed oils, etc…) So as the inflammation reduces internally, you naturally feel chilled. (also, the reduction of calories and lack of healthy fats for the first 2 days)

As we get into day 3 and start to fuel up again, you’ll notice the cold dissipate and your body temp regulate.

In the meantime, warm bath, hot shower, pj’s, cozy blanket, big mug of herbal tea! You got this!

Continue with the cleanse.But if you need extra energy, add a palm sized amount of protein and a fist-sized amount of carbs.