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You have a friend who’s doing this weird fitness thing online that actually works.

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  • Every Meal Taken Care Of ….

    Let your brain take the month off and let our registered dietitian do the meal planning for you.

    The Fit Feels Good Nutrition System is designed to fuel your body for optimal results with real whole foods that are delicious and contain all the nutrients you need.

    Each week has a meal plan, grocery list, and recipe book that works  for omnivores, vegans and vegetarians.

    (Even your picky kids and partners will be asking for seconds)

  • Weekly Mindset Support –

    You know how sometimes you’ll start a healthy living thing and then two weeks later you can’t be f*cked?

    That’s not a motivation problem, that’s a mindset problem.

    And we’ve got you covered for that.

  • Weekly Workout Videos

    Maybe you loathe the idea of breaking a sweat. Maybe you are all beast mode, all the time. Either way, we are about to change  your relationship with exercise.

    What if you could get in better shape in 28 mins, from the comfort of your home, using only a resistance band? What if the workouts were super fun as well as being killer effective? What if you could pause your gym membership for a month and still notice better definition in your arms in just a few short weeks?

    From HIIT to Strength training to Wall Pilates and old school Aerobics, you are in for a month with maximum variety so you never get bored and you don’t plateau.

    (Just don’t be surprised  if you end up cancelling that gym membership because the real gainzzz are happening in your living room.)

  • 1:1 Momentum Call 

    Tell us about your goals, your fitness background and your challenges. Let’s get an expert on the situation and come up with a plan for maximum momentum!

    At the end of February,  you’ll get to book a 1:1 call with a coach who will help you make a plan for sticking with your new healthy habits and continuing your Transformation.

    Look out, 2024 – here you come!

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