Here’s what you need to do now so you can hit the ground running on Monday, February 5th:

1. Get Your Stuff

To take advantage of your free month, you’ll just need two tools: a resistance band and protein powder.

You can order a great resistance band directly from us here. Otherwise, you will want to get the kind with handles, like this, (or this, for Canadians).

If you have a choice of bands based on resistance level, here’s how to choose:

10-12 lbs <— This is a good “beginner” level for women
15-20 lbs <—- Great for fitter women or beginner men
25-30 lbs <——-Great for very fit women and fitter men
30-35 lbs<——-Very fit men

For protein powder, look for one that has about 20-25 grams of protein per serving, derived from natural ingredients with no added sugars or additives. (Some of the natural products will have stevia as a sweetener – which is ok but some people can’t handle the taste so go for natural and add your own flavour if that’s the case.)

Our favourite product is the Genuine Health unflavoured/unsweetened Fermented Vegan. But you can see a list of other MF’er favourites here.

2. Do some decluttering

a.  Declutter your kitchen:
If you have a bunch of junk food in your house, you might as well throw a big party and get rid of it because we are going to be focused on fuelling our bodies with all the good stuff this month.
If you really want to get going, you can have a look at our Perfect Pantry Guide. This isn’t a grocery list for the program or anything but gives you a pretty good idea of how our long-term Healthy MFer clients organize their kitchen for success.

b. Declutter your calendar:
Open your calendar right now and do yourself the favour of blocking off some ‘me time’ over the next month.
The good news about building healthy habits is that they eventually become totally automatic. But in order to get to that shangri-la of effortlessness, you will want to give yourself some extra space to learn new skills.

So – if you aren’t used to cooking at home, you’ll want to book an hour or two every Sunday to go grocery shopping and do some meal prep. And try not to over-schedule yourself during the weekday evenings as you’ll be making delicious home-cooked meals that will blow your mind.

Got Questions?

During this program you can get 24/7 answers in our Support Centre! This online database should answer most of the questions about our programs and our way of life.

But you can also email us here for anything else you need. Or, just reply to any of our emails.