Check off your habits at the end of this week if you:

Eat 80% Feel Good Meals

Move Your Body 3-5 Times

Download your all-in-one PDF meal plan below. Each PDF includes a printable calendar, shopping list, meal prep guide, and recipes.

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As we head into our final week of your free MFA month, I wanted to pose a question to you. Is the MFA a diet? Or a lifestyle?

Whelp – I know you think I’m going to say a lifestyle but….that actually depends on you.

Here’s a video that explains the difference between a diet and a lifestyle, and this is especially important  if you’re considering joining us in the MFA after this free month is up!


Workouts this month are Hypberbody Chaos! There’s a fun mix of everything so you won’t get bored.

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Whacha Waiting For


Stiva’s Cardio Resistance Blast

HYPERBODY Pass the Beans

Pilates Bootcamp Arms #1

This week’s featured MF’er is Joanne, who has some incredible six months results!  Way to go, Joann!