Check off your habits at the end of this week if you:

Eat 80% Feel Good Meals

Move Your Body 3-5 Times

Download your all-in-one PDF meal plan below. Each PDF includes a printable calendar, shopping list, meal prep guide, and recipes.

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Sometimes when you start changing up your eating habits, it’s tough to get your family on board! If they’re still bringing in junk food, here’s some tips for dealing with it, and ideas for getting them on your social support team.

Workouts this month are Hypberbody Chaos! There’s a fun mix of everything so you won’t get bored.

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Dione HIIT #4

HYPERBODY Vaporwavez Abs

20 Minute Musical

Assata’s Standing Core

Pilates Bootcamp Legs

This week’s featured MF’er is our entire 6am workout crew! Just a reminder that part of your free MFA trial is the option to join a live workout group for some extra accountability. Click here to get in on a time that works for you!