1. Download this Hunger Awareness Tracker

2. Hunger vs Craving Graphic

Use this to help you identify whether you are experiencing hunger or a craving.

3. Slay the Snack Monster

Use this download to learn how to interrupt a snacking habit (and therefore weaken the habit loop, so that it doesn’t control you and you can CHOOSE when to have those snacks consciously!)

4. Here are some great apps to help you with these skills:

Am I Hungry: When you feel like eating you click “I want to eat” and the series of prompts will help you make a mindful decision
ATE: This is Oonagh’s favourite meal tracker. You take pics of what you ate, categorize it as to whether it’s in alignment with your goals and how it made you feel

Shouldn’t I listen to my food cravings? Aren’t they telling me about a need?

I need more help with emotional eating!

> Check out the Emotional Eating module.