Why you’re here…

Need to simplify your health habits down to the bare essentials?

We GOT you.

Whether you are going into a stressful time at work, you are moving, or life is just happening and you are feeling overwhelmed by workouts and meal prep and you need this to be quick and easy – this module is where you’ll find all the resources to stay on track in the easiest way possible.

  • First: Don’t Panic!

  • Next: Make a plan!

  • Then: Ask for help!


1. Nutrition made simple

Here are some options for you. DON’T try to do all of them. Skim and see what is most useful and do that.

Break-In Case of Emergency!  

Meal Prep Power Hour!  (5 min meal ideas using pantry staples)

Meal Prep Made Easy  (if you have an hour every weekend, this program gives you a step by step plan to prep your meals for the week in the most efficient way possible)

2. Quick and effective workouts

Why the GBID workouts?

  • The workouts are SHORT (20 minutes)
  • You can do them anywhere


7 mins. EVERYONE has 7 mins! You don’t need any special equipment or even a lot of space. Just 7 mins and a LET’S DO THIS! attitude!

There is even an app/timer that will count it all down for you! No excuses! CLICK FOR THE LINK! 

*Click the pic to open & download* 

3. Stay on top of your mindset!