Each week you will download your Weekly Manual, based on your dietary preference (Omnivore or Vegetarian).

Within the guide, you will find EVERYTHING you need for the week! Meal Plan, Grocery List, Recipes, Prep Notes, Workout outlines, etc..

This week starts out hard with a two-day reset but by Wednesday you will be feeling much better! And then it’s only two days until your first treat meal!

About the Training Program…

For every workout you will:

1. Download the PDF that explains the workout in detail.

2. Watch the video overview

3. If you are unfamiliar with any of the moves in the workout, you can check for the exercise tutorial under the ‘Exercises’ tab on the left-hand side. You will also find harder and easier options here and alternatives for those with sore wrists and knees!

4. Set your interval timer on your phone!  *click the pic below for video if you need help!* 

5. Warm up first (check out the warm up in the exercises tabs for an idea) and get to work!

6. Post on Facebook when you are done!

This is for the hard cores who are used to exercising 5-6 days a week

Or for anyone who’s always wanted to learn how to run.

This program is an OPTIONAL bonus supplement to the Monday/Wednesday/Friday workouts that are featured in the program.

Have fun, hardcore!

– Oonagh

Download the Running Training Guide

This Might Be TMI…

What about those bowel movements?

Because we are introducing a lot of new things into your diet, and eliminating some others, some of you may be experiencing some… difficulties… in the bathroom.

You’re not alone! Have a look through our “Poop File” for answers and suggestions to get things moving again!