It’s YOUR treat, so everything is fair game No food rules!
BUT… we suggest you:
Mind your Portions. Eat to just before full. (80-90%) Don’t scarf it down, and don’t overstuff yourself.

Also, because you’ve been eating really “clean”, you may find that some things that you ate prior to starting the Transformation just don’t sit right when you reintroduce them. (fried/breaded foods, etc… ) so use caution there, and be prepared for a little pushback from your body!

The most important thing is to eat mindfully and enjoy the crap out of your meal!

No one is going to force you to have a treat meal, and a lot of transformers become fearful of “falling off the wagon” if they succumb to their craving/desires.

BUT, the longer you hold it off, and the more you “fear” it, the more power you give it. So have the treat meal!!

It doesn’t even have to be a full meal. Maybe it’s just an on plan meal but with a glass of wine or dessert.
Whatever it is, plan for it. Enjoy the crap out of it! Then continue on with the challenge/meal plan as laid out for you.

The point of the treat meal is to have whatever you are craving but to do it with mindfulness to see if you actually like those meals now that your palate and appetite have reset. A lot of people discover that some of their favourite foods maybe aren’t their favourites anymore for whatever reason (and this is a good thing to discover!)

Oh and feel free to move it around in your schedule if it suits you better. (we have a lot of transformers who schedule their treat to coincide with an event or celebration)

It’s quite normal to feel some apprehension over treats/treat meals.
But here’s the thing. It’s just food.

Just like every other meal you ate this week, will eat next week and beyond.
It’s just a different combination of ingredients.

Not good/bad/virtuous/sinful… just food.

A “healthy lifestyle” doesn’t happen at the expense of french fries, sweets, or donuts.

It happens by incorporating those things in moderation.

There is also nothing to fall on or off of or “stick to”

Right now, you’re following a “plan,” which is simply a grid of meals/snacks laid out for 7 days to free up the mental real estate of trying to come up with what to eat each week/day and leaving it to chance while working on all your new healthy habits!

Everything on that grid (including your treat meal) is just food.

Not good or evil; simply ingredients combined to form a meal, whether you cook it in your home or eat it at a restaurant/event.

The only difference is the density of the nutrients and how the meal makes you feel (physically) when you eat it. Take all the emotions out of it.

The FFG philosophy is to eat, move, behave, sleep, and think in a way that makes you FEEL GOOD by making the most optimal choices in all of those categories for YOU.
Not for us.
Not because you read it in the manual.
Not because you feel guilty/afraid…
but because it feels right for YOU.

Again, no right or wrong, good or bad.
One treat or treat meal does not and will not “derail” you or erase all the work you’re doing.

Much the same way one salad does not magically erase days/weeks/months of eating in a not so “feel-good” way.
Make sense?